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About the Podcast

The Spiritual Rebel Podcast – From Mantra To Manifestation, explores spirituality, meditation, and manifestation for everyone interested in spiritual growth, self-development, and entrepreneurship. It´s a personal journey on finding love, how relationships in all shapes and forms can teach you valuable lessons, and how to grow from every experience good and bad, to manifest your dreams and desires.
You`ll get actionable insights and simplified tools to help transform your true potential, raise your vibration and elevate your consciousness to the next levels.
Learn practical ways to cultivate your own spiritual practice; understanding the many laws of the universe and most importantly, how to keep your rebel soul intact on the journey.
TANTRA – The Rebel Path is a special edition season co-hosted with Lucas Casanova. We are leading Yoga and Meditation teacher trainings together and are exploring spirituality in daily life rooted in Hinduistic and Buddhistic Tantra.

Meet The Host (s)

Hi there 🙂
My name is Kimhye Jin, and I am the voice behind the Spiritual Rebel Podcast – From Mantra To Manifestation.
I have always been fascinated by the enormous potential of human beings, and have been on a spiritual quest from a very young age.  On this journey, I have experienced everything from mind-blowing insights to frustrating situations forcing me to look above and beyond the framework called “normal” in this physical world. 

With Love Kimhye.
Kimhye & Lucas Casanova

TANTRA – The Rebel path, is a special edition season with my co-host the AMAZING Lucas Casanova.

Lucas is originally from Buenos Aires and has traveled the world to study yoga and Buddhist philosophy. He is the lead trainer at The Shala Yoga Teacher Trainings, and has more than 3,500 hours of teaching experience. Lucas is also a trained Buddhist therapist with a background in neuroscience and anatomy. In 2017, he had to use everything he knew about yoga and recovery to overcome a life-threatening brain tumor. One year later, he is on stage giving a lecture at the prestigious TEDx, and is writing a book about taking life-changing crises using yoga and meditation as a practical and down-to-earth tool.
If you speak Spanish you`re in for a treat 🙂
– make sure to check out his Podcast: Budismo En Zapatillas and follow him on Facebook and Instagram where he shares daily insights with his 80 000 + followers!


The 4D Method

The 4D Method is a simple but powerful tool for finding your true purpose and deepest desires. But most importantly, find out what is holding you back, get clarity and confidence to make the right choices for yourself and the life you dream of.

My Awesome Companies

Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious. ― Rumi

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find your true purpose & deepest desires?

But most importantly, find out what is holding you back, get clarity and confidence to make the right choices for yourself and the life you dream of…